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Palo Sticks

Clear your mind, raise your frequency and uplift your space with the scent of these beautifully fragrant sacred sticks. Palo Santo has been used in shamanic rituals to relieve negative or stuck energy. An uplifting alternative to sage, it encourages clarity of thinking, a free and open mind. Focus the presence in your space and let this grounding wood take you to new heights as it cleanses the energy of the room. 

* bundle of five beautifully aromatic Palo Santo sticks, each stick roughly 10cm long

Palo Santo (holy wood) is a tree that inhabits South America, belonging to the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh and is widely used in folk medicine by indigenous shaman to cure many disease - this is why the Spanish settlers called the tree 'Santo'. The mystical and sacred properties of Palo Santo are created through an alchemical process, which begins as soon as the tree or branch dies - only by natural causes. It then has to lie for more than 10 years before it is processed other wise the medicinal, aromatic and healing properties aren't developed. This Palo Santo wood was harvested sustainably, cut by hand and a new tree planted in its place.

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