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Organic Cotton Coffee Filters

Pack of two fabric, organic cotton coffee filters that are perfect for drip coffee brewers like Chemex, Hario and cone shaped coffee machines.

Easy to clean - you can put them in the dishwasher or machine wash at 30-40 degrees with a perfume free detergent / vinegar.

* 100% Organic Cotton Fabric & thread

* Unbleached & undyed cotton sourced from India

* Prewashed

* No pesticides

* Handmade in Norway

Aoi project is about making sustainable everyday object and garments in an ethical way, to replace consumer goods and add to are sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle.

All pieces are inspired by nature and made with materials and fibres that are natural and biodegradable believing that garments and accessories should be made to last, without being at the expense of our planet. Fabrics and ingredients are mindfully sourced after thorough consideration, doing their best to support small businesses where possible when sourcing materials. All objects are handmade in Norway, designed to last through wear and passing trends and made in small batches upon order to ensure low waste. Aoi strives to be a green brand inspired by our blue planet.

葵 aoi

aoı [ao-ee] comes from the Japanese word ao (青), adjective form aoi, which is the colour word representing both blue and green in ancient Japanese.

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