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Lapis Lazuli Polished Tumblestone

Lapis Lazuli...from Chile. It’s beautiful deep celestial blue colour has been revered through the ages and is admired the world over.

You will receive ONE polished stone chosen at random and each one approximately measures from 25-40mm wide and weighs around 11g. Packaged in a little drawstring gift bag.

As you would expect, each crystal is unique with a variety of patterns and colours. They are also natural products and as such may have blemishes and imperfections.

There are many ways to cleanse your stone once you finally receive it, it been on a long journey to you - one simple way is to run it under water.

Please note: My personal fascination with crystal has led to adding them to my shop. I have been very conscious of sourcing the crystals I sell from those that claim to have ethically sourced and hand selected the crystals themselves.

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