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There is something very real and comprehensible to us about the movement of life and constant change - we can see it in many ways, from the flowers growing in the garden to the lines on our face. 

Objects too make their travels from the process of creation by the hand of the maker, sparked by an idea, to a finished item that is used in the world beyond the studio in a myriad of ways and further forward, to the ultimate decay of that object.

T.L. echoes this understanding of the fragility and transitory nature of life and celebrates beauty and use of objects in every day life. When we source objects to sell we look at their beauty and function in equal measure - considering objects made by generations past, whether you call them antique, second-hand or vintage as having value in the present. If they still function, have a purpose that can be served then someone may just connect with that piece and love to own it for themselves. We also sell gifts for the home, the self and crystals, for by their very nature they truly are gifts of the earth and the most 'vintage' of all the items on the site. We also offer some edibles - a shorter life cycle perhaps but they are all hand-made and have quality and a mindful approach to the earth in their production and ethos. 

This brings me to something important - with this knowledge that nothing lasts forever I do not want to add to a culture of 'acquiring things.' I really do advocate Travelling Light as encouraging less attachment to 'things' in our life (ironic it would seem when I have a e-commerce website). Yet, I actually aspire personally to have a simple life and a home that has an active atmosphere of stillness where I can relax and feel at ease, with less clutter and purposeful buying. I am still on that journey but with T.L. I really want this concept to shine. 

I will tell you a story... When I was a little girl I had my 'after school and weekend clothes' and my 'Sunday clothes.' How many of you recall the 'Sunday best' tea set, the glasses that only come out on special occasions that sit for the majority of the year stored away in the cupboard - this was my Sunday clothes - only worn on special occasions. Now you can imagine that they were clothes that were a little fancier or ‘dressy’ but as a growing child you maybe only wore them a handful of times and how I wished I could wear them any day I wanted!

So with T.L. I encourage you to Buy what you need and when you do, buy what you love and use it every single day!