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Botanically Dyed Silk Scarf, Amethyst

 A petite 100% habotai silk scarf, bundle dyed by hand with various botanicals and herbs to create truly one-of-a-kind textile art. The scarf is then tied onto a hair elastic for easy accessorising but the silk can also be removed and tied onto bags, worn on the wrist or even used as a pocket square.

* dyes from natural plant sources / 100% cotton hair elastic

* 100% silk scarf

* botanically Dyed Silk Scarf also available in Topaz

Naturally Dyed Goods - creates gorgeous textiles using ingredients from pantries, compost bins and even foraged from the garden and pavements. A mindful move away from synthetic dyes in industrial vats.

Located in the American mid-west we are delighted to be the only current stockist in Scotland and the UK.

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