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HMM Patio Coffee Dripper

HMM’s Easy Pour-Over Secret.

Beautifully formed into a truncated cone, Patio leads to a quick brew while keeping the water distributed evenly with the ridges. Patio's extended ridges help balance airflow and water speed, preventing beginners' mistake of over-extracting coffee flavors with scalding hot water. Made with the same high-quality Japanese ceramic and glaze as Mugr, Patio is minimal, classic, beginner-friendly, and makes pour-over easy and agreeable. Brewing guide included. Coffee filter 1-2 servings or 2 servings are suggested.

dimensions: Ø100 x 68mm

material: Japanese ceramic 

HMM – which stands for Human Mechanic Method is a young Taiwanese brand that focuses on redesigning everyday objects by giving them a unique edge. They combine the finest local materials, specifically wood and ceramics, with skilled craftsmanship, creating timeless products.

Coffee Scoop also available.



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