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White Sage Smudge

White Sage (salvia apiana) is an evergreen shrub native to Southern California and has long been burned for its reputed spiritual properties.

Smudging is the act of using sacred herbs to cleanse the energy of something, such as a person or the space around you. Sage is often used to get rid of negative energy and reset the vibrations of a room.

Direction of Use - Open windows and start at the entrance of the space. Light the sage stick and using your hand fan the smoke as you move around the room. As you do this visualise the smoke cleansing the space  and the energy being replaced with positive golden light or an incantation to this effect. Re-light the stick as necessary and extinguish with care. To cleanse and purify an object move the smoke through the object - that object can be new crystals purchased or event your laptop, anything at all that holds energy!

-  approx. 22cm long



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