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May 28, 2021


Scenes of everyday life have for centuries held fascination with the masses and the modern day window into the world of others once painted on canvas has found its home in recent years within the square photographic windows of Instagram.

The first time I personally came across pictorial representations of the domestic world was the interior scenes of the 17th century Dutch, portrayed by artists such as Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) and my particular favourite Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684). Compositional balance together with an eye for a wonderfully complex command of perspective, representation of light and attention to the details of his subject make for a brilliant and fascinating picture - where the eye wanders throughout the created space absorbed in the snapshot of the scene.

What de Hooch mastered in paint through perspective, guiding us with intrigue and wonder through the picture into rooms of the house or courtyard beyond the foreground - the camera masters more easily, and with a good eye, the hand behind the camera can guide us into a scene in a similar way. 

I have a love of some creatives who post an orderly world of their home on the squares of Instagram, offering 'a peek' into their world and by it's nature a satisfying glimpse of inspiration, beauty and harmony. 'Nomibis' has for some time been one of my favourite accounts not only for the wonderful antiques that Fabienne Nomibis sells through her website but also for the interior shots that lead the eye to the four corners of a tranquil space full of light, to a curiosity and intrigue to what lies beyond the doorways. The beauty of Instagram is, that we can often get another glimpse, even the next day of a different perspective of the room or another interior space that satisfies all over again, where the voyeur is pleasantly satisfied.

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